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Villafix Porcelain & Stone Cleaner

Available in 1 or 5 Litres


Use to keep a patio or driveway looking like new. This advanced formulation quickly removes years of dirt and grime. Apply to the area to be treated to remove everyday dirt and grime and stubborn stains. Suitable for all-natural stone and porcelain tiles.  Ideal for all brickwork, walls, masonry, steps, driveways, and patios.

Villafix Porcelain & Stone Cleaner

PriceFrom £10.95
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  • Removes everyday dirt & grime.

    2 in 1 formualtion.

    Heavy duty cleaner.

    Cleans & prevents re-growth.

    Ideal for patios & driveways, stonework, brick, ornaments and steps.

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