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HD DECK // Universal Clips and Screws

Composite decking fixings are the second most important element to a successful decking project, after the boards themselves. Just like the HD Deck® boards, the HD Deck® composite decking fixings and screws are designed to withstand all weather conditions and provide your finished deck with the flexibility necessary to bear varying amounts of load over the years.


Tough, laser-cut plastic T-clips fit in the decking boards’ grooves and expand and contract with the boards, while stainless steel screws limit the risk of corrosion and provide superior wear resistance.


By combining Composite Prime boards with the complementary set of fixings, you are ensuring that your newly built deck is not only beautiful but also durable enough to achieve the maximum lifespan of your boards and ensure that you go on to enjoy them for years to come.

HD DECK // Universal Clips and Screws

Excluding VAT |
  • 200 Pieces

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